Home Remedies for Neck Pain

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In a good number of times home remedies for neck relief often give better results than medication or exercise. Some of the most common examples of these remedies include;

home remedies for neck relief1. Avoid thick pillows

In most cases, neck pain is usually brought about by a sudden change of sleeping positions. Out of the various ways one can use to get neck relief, using the right kind of pillow is quite significant. You should therefore substitute any thick pillow that you may have for a crushed-foam or feather pillow. Another suitable option is sleeping on a firm mattress without the use of a pillow. This will help to maintain the correct alignment between your head and neck.

2. Ice it

In order to reduce the swelling around your neck, crush some ice inside a plastic bag then cover it using a pillow case before placing it on your neck. Hold it into position for about 15 minutes before removing it. You can also use a bag filled with frozen peas.

3. Hot shower

Taking a hot shower is another good example of the different home remedies for neck relief available. It works wonders since the hot water helps to increase the circulation of blood within the neck muscles. However, it is important that you do not overdo it since the heat might cause the pain to increase. Icing your neck after taking a hot shower is an effective pain relieving therapy.

4. Massage

After taking a bath you can have someone massage your shoulders and neck. In order for the massage to be more effective make use of a lotion or massaging cream. Gently put some pressure in circular motions around the neck and stroke your shoulders as you move downwards. Massaging should not go beyond 15 minutes.

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By making use of any of the above mentioned home remedies for neck relief, you will no longer have to experience any discomfort. They are quite simple but highly effective. If you like to learn more about home remedies for neck relief check out this article on health.howstuffworks.com